If you are a store (or a department store) that sells scrapbooking, stationery or craft supplies, you've come to the right place.

I'm Alúa Cid, and I welcome you to my shop for professionals.

Are you an private individual? Then you'd better visit www.aluacid.com You can buy the same products, per unit.

What is RitaRita?

RitaRita was the little physical store that I set up in Ferrol (Galicia) to sell scrapbooking material from different brands.

When online sales overtook me and in parallel I started to design my own scrapbooking collections with success, I moved to the digital space.

Today RitaRita is the online store that sells my collections (and those I make with other colleagues) to stores all over the world.

On the website you can find all kinds of stationery and scrapbooking material from the Alúa Cid brand.

Among all my products, the online workshop kits stand out, which you won't find on any other website. It is a kit with all the materials to make a scrapbooking project, which I teach you how to do for free through tutorials uploaded on YouTube.

It doesn't matter where your store is. I send your order anywhere on the planet.

Who is behind it?

This is Alúa Cid, founder of RitaRita.

I've always been a super creative person and I've worked a lot with my hands, but I only discovered the world of illustration a few years ago and it has little to do with my studies and my training.

I started a degree in Industrial Design Engineering, but... I soon realised that the industrial side was not for me.

I love getting my hands dirty with paints, and I love the handmade component of my work. That personal touch that illuminates small and pampered productions that contain my soul in every stroke.

I also love to invent. Every month I launch new stationery and scrapbooking products that make writing, planning or crafting tasks easier.

If you like to pamper your customers as much as I do, we'll get along very well.

Do you want to set up a RitaRita online store in your country?

Write to me at b2b@ritarita.com and let's chat.

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