Rita's Diary Photo albums

Rita's Diary Photo albums

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6x8" folder - 'New Love'

The 6×8” \'New Love\' folder is the ideal size for 6×8 ” Rita’s Diary covers, rellenos Kit4planner Kit4planner fillers, or custom A5 creations.

The interior has 2 European standard size rings, so with the help of a double drill you can put what you want quickly.

In addition, the spine is 7.5 cm wide. Can you imagine everything that fits inside?


To make matching dividers, or complete the folder with some more detail, take a look at everything in the New Love collection, of which it is a part.

Main features:

  • Size for covers: 6×8" or A5 filling

  • Outer size: 22,5 x 22 x 8cm

  • Spine width; 7,5 cm

  • Rings: 2

Made in Spain

MAXIKIT Pocket sleeves 9x12''

This maxikit pocket sleeves 9x12" for Rita\'s Diary includes 50 units with varied pockets.

They carry 7 holes to attach to different models of rings mechanisms.

Its size adapts to 23x30.5 cm folders (9x12 ").

It allows you to create photo albums in a simple way, since the Rita\'s Diary line includes folders, covers and cards.

Below, in the description, you have other models of covers of the same size.

 Main characteristics:

  • Material: plastic
  • Units: 50 covers with varied pockets
  • For 23x30,5 cm folders (9x12")

Imported product

Rita's Diary punch. 2 European holes

The Rita´s Diary punch makes 2 European standard holes, which are the ones used in our Rita\'s Diary photo albums folders and most of the binders on the market.

The space between the hole punches is fixed, but with the help of the guide you can create holes for various formats: A4, A5 and A6.

To make it easier, it has a mark that indicates the center of the punches and also has a folding ruler that acts as a stopper, depending on the size of the paper you want to punch.

All the parts of the mechanism, the lever and the base are made of metal, that\'s why it has the strength to punch 25 pieces of paper at one time.

Underneath it has a tray where it stores the die-cut paper, which is easily removed with the push of a button.

Set of 6 stickers sheets for Rita's diary 2023

With this set of 6 stickers sheets you are ready to label all your memories of 2023, whether in your bullet journal, diary or photo album. But we have created them especially to use in the Rita\'s Diary system.

Because of the A5 size they are ideal to carry around and always have them at hand.

This is the content of the set:

- 2 sheets of alphabet stickers in colour black and mustard.

- 3 sheets of tabs with a variety of messages in colour black, mustard and pink.

- 1 sheet of plain white tabs without messages.

Main features:

- Quantity: 6 sheets

- Grammage: 250 gr.

- Size A5

- Material: recycled, sustainable produced adhesive paper.

Made in Spain.